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Buenas Ondas en Mar del Plata

It’s hard to believe, but I only have three weeks left in Buenos Aires.  Luckily I’ve had the opportunity to do some truly extraordinary things the past few weeks here in the City and outside it. Election night here in the BA was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had here in the City because of the patriotism and love of country that the bar full of expats expressed.  Watching the results come in on CNN packed into a room filled with hundreds of fellow Americans singing and cheering as states on the map were colored in was truly inspiring.  I’m having a wonderful time in Argentina, but images like that remind me of what I miss most about my home country.  Anyways, back to all the wonderful things I’m doing in Buenos Aires.

The weather in the city has turned from chilly and rainy to North Carolina in the Summertime hot and humid.  I’ve probably increased my water intake by half to replenish all the fluids I’m sweating out.  Despite the fact that I have yet to find that swimming pool I desperately look for everyday, I did go on IFSA-Butler’s fantastic trip to Mar del Plata.  The trip was fun, as one might imagine a trip to beach with 100-plus college students would be.  Mar del Plata certainly had a different feel from Buenos Aires.  My best description would be the French seacoast with a few German inspired houses and odd-castle like structures sprinkled in for good measure.

The South-Atlantic coast was truly beautiful, the waves crashing against flower covered, platform-shaped rocks made for a beautiful sight.  Unfortunately our time was there rather brief, the first day we explored the town a bit, the second we took a boat tour of the coast and got treated to the sight of lounging sea lions.  We also ate at a seafood restaurant, where the appetizers consisted of calamari and little fish fried whole.  I was a little unsure of whether to eat the heads or not and I imagine that some of them, still, are swimming about in my belly.

Recently I also saw a one-man independent work of theater called “Borges.”  It was very excellent and served as a criticism of the elderly Jorge Luis Borges and his political complacency.  While it was, of course, a little difficult to understand at times, it was fun and I think a somewhat valid criticism of someone who is considered Argentina’s greatest writer.

Well, next week I’m going to both Creamfields and Uruguay, so expect another exciting blog entry soon.  Hasta luego!


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