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The Beginning of the Lasts

Four weeks is a long time, but considering that I’ve been here for 17 makes me feel like it’s so close that I ought to start packing my bags already. But unzipping a suitcase to get to my toothpaste 3 times a day (…okay, twice) is a hassle worth avoiding. Seeing as how my “¡adios!”es are nearing, there have been more and more “last times” I’ll be able to do some things that I’ve done in the past few days, and I fear that this is only the beginning!

For example, we just finished having our last Spanish class of the semester last Thursday – you know, the one that freed me up for a 6-day weekend? Just in case you forgot :) – which means I will be seeing much less, if any, of my compañeros in that class. Of course, we had a party all together on Friday and we’ve got another one planned for Monday, but I doubt this can keep up. As if one “last” having to do with that awesome class wasn’t enough, the boyfriend of our Spanish professor and I (he´s not my boyfriend too, I´m just trying to refer to the plural subject “boyfriend and I”. Oh, English…) got to go on our second and likely last bike ride this past Sunday, but this time it was actually a legit event. A mere 5.000 colones ($10) permitted participation in “El Paseo de los Infantiles y Principiantes” (“Ride for Little Children and Beginners”; suited me just fine), access to delicious fruit/snacks, and a nifty T-shirt! PLUS, my picture might show up on the Promobike webpage = totally worth it. The route itself was pretty, well, beginnerish, so we rode around a bit longer through some astoundingly beautiful country until I was nice and sunburnt and then he dropped me off at my house not without a bag full of easily 25+ mangos and a papaya. I will certainly miss Carlos, but his legend will live on in my sky blue T-shirt that proudly bears a tricyclist outlined in pink on the front.

Peacock in Africa Mia

On Thursday I also got back from the last gira I’ll go on with my Arte en el Cine that brings my total to an untouchable class-record of four. We spent Wednesday and Thursday up in Liberia, Guanacaste (the northwestern region) wiping our sweat and swatting mosquitoes as we toured a bit of the city. Keeping with the theme of the class, we watched a movie, the documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story” by Michael Moore, and it made me realize that I know way too little about economics and politics, much less what is going on in my own country. This, along with various likewise experiences I’ve had this semester, has given me the desire to start paying more attention to the news and international relations to become at least somewhat of a decently educated citizen. This semester is gonna turn me into a morning-coffee-and-newspaper kind of guy, isn’t it? I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet!… Anyways, the following day we went to a place called África Mía and saw a variety of Africa-native species in a pretty convincing safari setting with a $10 discount thanks to the profe, and later enjoyed even more discounts with a delicious lunch of casado and a guided hike through a place called Megafauna, which had a bunch of sculptures of extinct and large animals to raise our eyebrows and nod our heads at. Then on our way back home we got to experience a Richter-rated 6.1 earthquake to welcome us back into the Central Valley.

Due to an anti-climactic, albeit commemorative, event that most people don’t get the chance to celebrate in their lives, I am now able to experience lasts for the entire rest of the year. Of course I am referring to the fact that Emily and I made it to our negative one year wedding anniversary last Friday on May 21st, making us eligible to celebrate each day up until The Big One as the last of that particular date as un-married individuals. When she first made me aware of this unique honor we now share, I considered it to be somewhat of a stretch, but I suppose finding a reason to celebrate each day really is a pretty wise philosophy. I am marrying a pretty (and) smart woman, huh?

Only 66 more years to be like my abuelitos Ticos!

Parrots are LOUD


2 Responses to “The Beginning of the Lasts”

  1. Mom Says:

    I can picture you walking by those dinosaurs, scratching your chin and nodding your head…thanks for the mind pictures you’ve given me all semester long! And, yes, you are marrying a pretty AND smart girl! Love you, Mom

  2. Marcy Says:

    I have one sad comment about you returning to the states: no more CR blogs. That is going to be a SAD day. Your words have made pictures in my mind of your adventure. Thank you!!! Love you, Aunt Marcy

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