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The past two weeks were our two big trips with our IFSA-Butler program.


First we spent three days in Yaxunah, a Mayan village near Chichén Itzá here in Yucatán. We went with a professor from the Tourism department at la UADY who teaches my Environmental Education class. He is pretty involved with leading projects within the community, although he isn’t from there, which was interesting to observe. My peers and I stayed in rented rooms that were in the houses of various families in the village, and spent the three days helping with gardening projects at those houses. We also visited the site of Mayan ruins just outside of Yaxunah, swam in the gorgeous cenote in the center of town, and shared food and conversation with a local community service group for kids called the Jaguares.

Next we went to Chiapas, which I was SO SO SO excited for. Chiapas, which borders Guatemala, is famous not only for being beautiful, but also for being the site of the Zapatista uprising of the 1990s. We visited the Mayan ruins of Palenque, the waterfalls at Agua Azul, and the city of San Cristobal and its surrounding villages. I loved all of it and took a million pictures in Chiapas, but then my camera broke! This means that for my trip to Mexico City next week I’m going to have to buy a disposable camera or two. For now though, enjoy the last pictures my little Casio camera produced!


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