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All too quickly my time in New Zealand came to a close. The last week in Albany was great. We went to the beach, went into town multiple nights, went blackwater rafting and enjoyed the last week that we all had together. On the 15th I left New Zealand to head to Fiji before coming back to the US. It was a great trip!

I left for the airport at 2:45 in the morning. A little early but it was worth it. I flew into Nadi and stayed at Bamboo for my first night. It was a small and welcoming hostel. All the workers introduced themselves to me as soon as I got there and I was playing Jenga with everyone before lunch. I had never been to a hostel where everyone knew each others names and all hung out together. I thought that a lot of people were traveling together but it turns out most of them just met the day before. In the afternoon I went to the beach which is right across the street from Bamboo. For dinner I went to Smuggler’s Cove with some new friends and ate some octopus. I was unaware that it would be little whole octopus but it was actually really good.

 next day Bamboo put on a coconut demonstration which was pretty interesting. They showed us how they use every part of the coconut tree and also how to open a coconut. We got to try the water, creme and the flesh of it. It turns out that the bus I was supposed to catch to my next hostel came while I was watching the demonstration but luckily I could catch a taxi to the bus center for not too much money so I did that. From there I had a two hour ride to The Beachouse. I was surprised by how nice the bus was. Most of the buses I saw seemed really old but this one had AC and they even played a movie. As soon as I got to the Beachouse there was a group of people my age hanging out right outside my room so I hung out with them. They had all been volunteering in Fiji for the last eight weeks and were having a break before heading back to England. After dinner we went to the bar thats on the property. I have never been to such a relaxed bar. You could plug in your own iPod and even bring in your own drinks. It was really nice and relaxing. Even though I was still really tired we ended up staying up until 2am.

The next day I went on a jungle trek with some German people. We walked through a village and then made our way to a waterfall. The hike was pretty muddy and I left my hiking boots at the airport since they have luggage storage there. So I was walking in my Sperry’s and they fell off at least five times but it was a blast and the mud made it even more fun. That night I hung out with the English people again.

I went for a kayak ride the next day in the morning. It was free so I figured why not. I took my underwater camera and saw some cool coral and starfish. In the afternoon my friends Erin and Tricia from uni in New Zealand came over to stay for the next four nights. We meant to have an early night that night but in what seemed to be typical Beachouse fashion that did not happen. The next day was sunny for the first time so I spent the whole day at the beach and pool. It was a perfect day. That night we celebrated Erin’s birthday and went for a midnight swim in the pool and ocean. There was some bio luminescence in the ocean which was really cool. Whenever you made a splash there would be little green lights in the water.

The next day was my last day so I just hung around reading for most of the day then made my way back to the airport. I had a blast and wish I could have stayed longer but it was really great being home in time for Thanksgiving! I’ll do one more post about transitioning


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