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History in the Making

Because this is part of my life: Egypt’s evolving political scene is incredible. I’m living in the making of extraordinary history. No where else has anyone affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) been elected to govern, and now the MB pretty much is the government. The fact that MB’s rise to elected power happened in it’s original country is also really neat for their own history. Now, though, public favor has moved away from their elected officials. President Morsi’s recent declarations have gathered other, previously independent, branches of government under his control and ousted the prosecutor general. The prosecutor general is analogous to Chief Justice John Roberts in the States, and like in the US, the position was supposed to be for life. Anyway, the declarations and related protests are literally the talk of the town. Places where IFSA students frequent, such as the university and our apartments, are away from the demonstrations’ usual origin in Alexandria. The fact that I don’t have class tomorrow is a boon, because I can spend the day working on projects for my classes and upcoming papers while watching news analysis from inside the Middle East. Boy, Egypt is a happening place!


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