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Home Sweet Home

After an amazing semester I’m back home in Massachusetts. It felt really great to be home for the first week but that feeling has been going away. It’s great to see my family but all my friends are still at school so there really isn’t anything to do back here. Thanksgiving was great though and I’m really happy that I was home for that. I’m back to driving on the right side of the road which was easier to get used to again than I thought it would be. The only issue I had is that I kept on putting on the windshield wipers when I was trying to put on my directional. All in all though the re-entry into American life has gone pretty smoothly.

This past weekend I went up to Saint Michael’s College, my home school, to visit everyone. It was a great weekend. I got to go skiing, go into Burlington, see all the Christmas decorations around campus and just have a typical Saint Mike’s weekend. It was so good to see everyone again and to see people’s reactions when they realized I was on campus. Lots of people did double takes since many people still thought I was in New Zealand. I stayed in the same suite that I will be living in next semester which was really nice since I was able to figure out what I will need to bring up with me. I already knew most of the people living there and the others that I met seem pretty chill so it should be a good semester. As much fun as New Zealand was, there is just a different feeling being back at Saint Mike’s. The campus is such a tight community and it feels much more like home than living in Albany did.

If anyone reading this is considering studying in New Zealand; DO IT! It was the best experience of my life and I already miss so many things about it. I miss all my New Zealand friends, the scenery, the food, and the general laid back atmosphere. The only thing that I would change is that I would go to the University of Otago since it is in Dunedin which was one of my favorite spots. I’ve learnt a lot from this trip and I think it changed me as a person. I met so many great people while traveling and saying at hostels that I really want to continue traveling after graduation. I have also realized that some of the little things can be the best memories. Of course bungy jumping and hiking a glacier are some of my top memories but I think what I really enjoyed the most was just playing some ultimate frisbee with some people from Lucas Creek or going into town on a Monday night since we had nothing else to do. I also felt like I was truly living on my own. I had o cook for myself, do all the cleaning and couldn’t meet my parents somewhere if I forgot anything. It made me realize that I’m going to be okay once I graduate and head out into the real world. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of my trip to school or being home since I seemed to stop taking pictures the second I got back to the US. I guess thats another thing I learnt: always take pictures. Even if you aren’t doing anything extremely special. But anyways, since I don’t have any photos for this post I’ve put in a slideshow of some of my favorite pictures from the past semester. Enjoy! And thanks for reading!


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