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The Odd Events of Life…

As this semester begins to wind to the end (and, trust me, I know), I thought I’d share some of the more stupid/silly/ironic things that have happened to my person that I’ve not shared. I hope you enjoy!

While staying in Cairo over orientation, I was entranced with our balcony. I didn’t yet have it in my head that pretty much everyone has a balcony, so I went out to enjoy it. Being a sustainably-minded person and knowing the air conditioning was running in the apartment, I shut the door behind me, as I’d gone out to read and take some pictures before we had to be at the IFSA office for more orientation. I finished my time outside, and realized the door couldn’t open from the outside. I’d locked myself out. I hadn’t brought my phone, either. After looking around at my options – do I climb to that open window at least three feet away across smoothly vertical concrete? Do I attempt to climb down a floor? Can I reach the next floor up? I ended up pounding on the balcony door and yelling for Jeanette to wake up for the next 15 minutes. As this was the second time in as many weeks that I’d locked myself out from a porch door, I needless to say was amused.

By mid-October, I’d realized that my method of brushing my teeth and cleaning my retainer, with sparing amounts of bottled water, was leaving light deposits of some mineral-like material. So, in attempts to clean my retainer (which is one of those supposed-to-be-invisible plastic shells), I scraped off as much as I could with a fingernail or Q-tip. One day, however, while I was scraping the new mineral deposit off the inside of a molar, my retainer just snapped. What?! So, I now have two sides to my retainer: one piece covers about three teeth, the other piece the rest of my jaw.

Sometime in early November, I was cooking myself breakfast. By this time, my breakfast pattern had changed to oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, and granola. The first time I had a big bag of oats, I used them sparingly enough that perhaps 10 days after purchase I still had some in the bag. I noticed there was some movement in the bag, but didn’t think anything of it until I opened the bag and out crawled a couple of small bugs. Yuck. Searching a little through the oats, though, I found nothing, so I cooked my normal amount of oats. Later, though, I found at least one boiled bug among my oatmeal, and I think I crunched on at least one other. I made myself continue eating, so I have now eaten bugs from my grains. :)


Personal update: My arthritis has unsurprisingly continued, but it’s strangely low-level this round. I’ll live with that! Also, as I look to the end of the semester, I’m facing the uphill task of cleaning my apartment alone, as once more I’m at the center of interpersonal drama. (It’s a rather big apartment to clean alone.) One significant complicating factor in cleaning my apartment is the amount of finals we smashed into two weeks…or supposedly. Due to political pressures, most of my teachers were requested to move our finals up a week. So, with a two-day notice, our 10-14 page Politics paper was due a week early, and our ECA class had to reduce class to no final. My MSA teacher was distraught at the news, so our final is Sunday (he couldn’t stomach giving us a surprise 2 hour final). Thankfully my ICH paper (6000 words = 20 some pages) is still due tomorrow, but I’ve had to put that nearly at the end of the list with Politics and ECA taking priority. Once I’m fully done with homeworks and the drama of figuring out how and when I leave the country, I’ll be able to begin searching through this experience and highlighting what I’ve really learned. Right now, back to paper writing.


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