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Down to 2 Days…

With only two days left in Peru, I’m strangely content. Normally when leaving a country, I try to squeeze every last drop of excitement out of it before I catch my flight, but I feel like I’ve lived pretty much every day to it’s fullest here over the past 4 1/2 months. Yesterday, I spent the day surfing with my host brother and one of my buddies from the program…couldn’t have asked for a better day. A few awkward sunburns later, I’m about to spend the morning embarking on my last combi rides to check out a few museums before I have to start the dreaded task of packing. Whether coming or going, it is absolutely my least favorite thing on this planet.

As of yesterday, all of my finals were taken and all of my final papers were officially submitted as well, bringing that since of finality to my study abroad experience. Although I’m excited to see my family and friends back in the States, I will certainly miss all of my new friends and family here. Traveling is a living, learning, and growing experience. For me, there are really no sad moments. There are no regrets….just memories and new friendships. A bit sappy, yeah. But in life, I feel like the best moments to live for are those that serve to touch other peoples lives, to understand how they live…because in that process, they touch yours. They open your eyes and your world onto something that once before was an internalized perception, shaped by media coverage and modern economics and political theories. In this way, people once foreign to you become more than just “notions abroad,” they become living representations of a universal humanity, an intimate connection between all human beings, that is often lost on discriminatory practices and simple misunderstanding. To live abroad, thus, is to understand. It is not a place for building walls and shutting others out. It is a place for tearing down old walls of misconception and letting people in. This is what has shaped my study abroad experience…and for these very reasons, it will continue to serve as a reminder of life’s purpose and as an inspiration for my future interpersonal relations (both abroad and local) as a physician.

* * *

Alright, aside from that little study abroad rant…it’s 2:30 am, the morning before I depart…so I guess, technically, we’re at the 24 hour mark. I just finished packing after a little outing to the local burrito bar, and after choosing to leave a few things behind, most things should fit. Time for a little bit of shut eye so that I can spend my last day here at the beach…Enjoy a few pictures of my favorite beach and the sunset I recently indulged in at the malecón, and we’ll be in touch tomorrow!

Chau, for the next to last time here in Peru,














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