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Finals to Freedom

Hello Everyone!

So finals are over. School is over. Essex is over. Its crazy to think that 3 months ago I was just walking onto that campus thinking “What am I doing here?” with My IFSA boys Matt and Andrew. The three of us and the rest of our flat have grown so much in our time at Essex it is crazy to think it is all over. We are a family that made amazing memories that will never be forgotten. Things I’ve learned from Essex:

1. The English schooling system is totally different.

2. When your grades are made up of a paper and an exam…try not to wait until the last week aka finals week to write 3 papers you will wish you hadn’t.

3. Drinking is the British norm so if you don’t it will be a long semester.

This was a great adventure and now I’m on to a new one. For the next three weeks I’ll be traveling in Europe with two of my best friends! I’m so excited to start this new adventure. We will be in Germany, France, and then back to England! This new adventure has taught me a few things already that I would like to share with future travelers…

1. Don’t Pack a 50lb suitcase to do walking travel.

2. Once you have spent the semester abroad…(no offence to my besties I’m traveling with but) go home because you are poor at that point.

3. Your ankle will give out on cobblestone, so be prepared.

4. You have to pay for every meal so essentially your money will be going to have the energy to walk.

5. You will get lost so embrace it.

I will update you guys on my travels during the holidays and upon my return to the mainland.




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