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Welcome to my blog!

For the next few months I will be writing about my experiences at Wollongong University in the land Down Unda! I cannot wait to pick up some Australian lingo and will try to sprinkle it into my postings so you can have a better flavor of the Outback.

I offer a unique perspective as a study abroad student as I never lived away from home before (woot woot commuters!) This will be an interesting experience living on my own and being in another country at the same time. I had many doubts about studying abroad but realized I will never have this opportunity again. Plus, I have always wanted to go to Australia! During the application process, I received a fortune cookie saying, “You will travel to many places” which sealed the deal.

This brings me to the present. I am still working to compile all of the necessary paperwork, supplies, etc. but am confident I will have almost everything together by February 16 when I leave for my flight. I started the whole process over the summer and have been continually working on it since then. Apply early if you are considering studying abroad! Originally I was really worried about what to pack but IFSA Butler has circulated lists of what to bring and the average temperatures so that crisis has been neutralized.

Let the packing commence!


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