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End of the World

Written December 21st, 2012, the first day of the new Mayan era, a.k.a. the day the world was supposed to end

It’s down to my last 6 days in Mexico! Four months have gone by so quickly! 128 days down, only 6 to go.
Since I last wrote:

(1) Trip to Isla Mujeres After the IFSA program ended, I spent a couple of days at a hostel in the center of Mérida with a few friends from the program, relaxing, eating cajeta-filled crepes, and planning our trip to Isla Mujeres. After some minor mishaps (we went to the wrong bus station, meaning we had to lug our suitcases across the city not once, but twice; also we forgot to ask for the student discount when we bought our bus tickets, agh!), we were finally on our way to Cancun the morning of December 3rd. Once in Cancun we took a short boat ride out to Isla Mujeres, which is a very small but very touristy island in the Caribbean. The next week we pretty much did nothing but lay on the beach, eat avocado and cheese tacos and ice cream, and sleep. It was very strange but pleasant. I love beaches, and this one was beautiful, but I don’t think I would go again, because of how uncomfortable I am with the contradiction that places like those are. It was a cool one-time experience though. When it was time to leave, I was sad to say bye to the last of my program friends, but ready to leave the island. I also was getting a little nervous about going back to the “real world” for the first time in four months, where family members exist and expect things from you, like being home on time and helping out around the house.

(2) Finally back in the real world and in real Mexico: Jalisco I flew to Guadalajara on Sunday, December 9th, and stayed with my aunt who lives there for a couple of days. (SIDENOTE: That night when we turned on the TV, we saw that Jenni Rivera had died in a plane crash earlier the same day! She was this singer from L.A. who sang banda, norteña, etc., and was currently a coach on La Voz México (which is like being a judge on American Idol), which made her death particularly impactful right now.) Staying with my aunt was a nice transition to being with family and washing dishes again. On Tuesday I got on the 6 a.m. bus to Huejuquilla, where my paternal grandparents and a lot of my family live. I arrived at 3:30 p.m. and was not surprised to see that even though I hadn’t been back in two and a half years, things are still pretty much the same as I had left them, except some new roads have been paved and my little cousins aren’t so little anymore. It’s nice to be in the midst of people and things that seemed so far away when I was in Yucatán, like banda music blasting outdoors in the daytime and going to buy a kilo of tortillas at the tortilleria in the morning with Lety and being yelled at by my grandma about everything constantly… But really it’s great to be in a familiar place with familiar faces again. It’s making me even more excited to be back in New York and see my parents in just a few days!!

*Some Jenni Rivera for you:


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