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Its getting Warmer! and smells like Florida

Today was the warmest day we’ve had during my study in Australia, but along with the heat came this wonderful familiar smell.  Talking with my running partner, we quickly decided that this was the smell of Florida, and all things fun in the sun – which happens to be a great representation of my past two weeks!
I went scuba diving for real this time, twice!  Once I found the right cure for sea sickness, I was loving life!  As I mentioned before, there are few things as peaceful as gliding weightless through a beautiful reef.  On Sunday I did three dives at Flinders reef which is just off nearby Morton Island.  The sea turtles, starfish, urchins, coral, a shark, and numerous reef fish that I recognized from years of infatuation with the reef ecosystem were surrounding me; I was in their environment, underwater, in awe.  I always wanted to study marine biology or reef ecology until I took a killer biochemistry coarse in High school.  Chemistry has never been my forte, and its again coming back to haunt me as I take my chemistry requirement for engineering.  There are a few subjects at UQ that have been fairly easy, but Chemistry is not one of them;  I’m in a course with around 250 first year students, yet feel way out of my league.
I also went back to Noosa, which is where our Butler orientation was.  I spent the day on the beach with my family and got rocked by a few massive waves while boogie boarding.  There are five major beaches in Noosa, and they are all unique and sometimes fairly empty; this is very different from the crowded public beaches in, say, Florida, where you’re sometimes lucky to find a spot to make base.  We had dinner at a local restaurant where we talked to a very friendly Australian who had moved here from the U.S., after marrying an Aussie.   I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time we were talking to her!  This only heightened my interest in living here someday.
It seems as if I have been meeting more and more interesting people the longer I’m here.  I have made several good friends who also live in King’s College, and the casual chats, drinks, and fun we have here is very refreshing.  I have learned that the more you stay on campus, as most of the Aussies do, on weekends and free days, the more you are welcomed.  Most of the Americans, including myself, have been travelling almost every weekend; understandably, this is sometimes a harsh trade for being a part of the college community and dorm life.  There are some really great people here that can have plenty of fun just hanging out on campus.  It’s a very different atmosphere than in the states. I like it.  No pressure, no worries mate.
Normalcy – I am fitting in nicely here and it feels natural, yet always exciting.  It’s getting easier yet!
Adventure – there are so many doors I have yet to open… what will happen next? How should I plan summer?


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