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En casa

I’m homeeeee!! What a great feeling! I got back a week ago, and have been loving every minute since.

Total travel time last Thursday from my grandparents’ house in Jalisco to my parents’ house in New York was 26 hours. First the walk with my grandpa from our house to the bus station. Then an 8-hour bus ride to Guadalajara. Next a taxi ride to the airport. Followed by a three-hour flight to Phoenix. And another four hour flight to Newark. Next a train ride with two transfers. And finally a thirty-minute car ride home! It sounds like a lot, but I’ve gotten so used to traveling in the past few months that I’ve come to enjoy it. Also, it felt appropriate that it was a big process to get home from this crazy semester. ☺

My dad was supposed to get to my grandparents’ house the day before I left, but because of flight delays, we just missed each other, and I still haven’t seen him! He gets home on Sunday, so I’m excited for that. Also, he has my cellphone with him, which is in some sense a blessing in disguise (the day I got home I was getting e-mails and facebook messages from what felt like the whole world, and felt too exhausted to respond to them for a few days – you can’t ignore your cellphone in the same way!).

It has been so nice being home! Although it’s obviously a big change being back, it doesn’t feel at all unnatural; I thought it’d be much weirder to be back, but maybe the weirdness is yet to come haha. The day after I got here it snowed about four inches of good snow (not icy, not slushy), and I felt as if it was just for me. ☺ Everything I’ve eaten has tasted like the best food ever, and my mom even saved me a jug of apple cider from the fall! I’ve baked chocolate cookies and started knitting a scarf and snuggled with my dog and visited my grandma and begun watching Season 5 of Mad Men with my mom (which we had been saving since I left in August so that we could watch it together). I’ve started planning out next semester and have caught up with friends and am even getting excited to go back to school in less than three weeks!

Now that I’m home (and even since I got to my grandparents’ in Jalisco), I feel very far away from Mérida, but I think that’s okay. I had to fill out a study abroad evaluation for Amherst the other day, and I couldn’t really answer any of the questions yet. How do you respond to “How did you grow personally from study abroad?” I’ll be needing some time to process and figure out what I “learned” etc., not to mention that I don’t think it can be summed up in one box in a survey, and most of that processing probably won’t happen until winter break is over. For now I’m just really thankful that I got to spend four and a half months in Mexico and meet so many new people and see so many new places!

Thanks for reading and happy new year all!



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