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San Rafael

I don’t think I actually have too much to say about San Rafael, except that it was a good time, a great program excursion, and I have a  lot of great memories from that weekend. I also took a TON of pictures, and I think I’ll let them do most of the talking this time.


IMG_3287 IMG_3293

The cabins we stayed in + garden

IMG_3305 IMG_3315 IMG_3317 IMG_3339 IMG_3360






We also went rafting, but for obvious reasons I didn’t bring my camera for that. The river was pretty mellow, but our guides made up for it with their humor and mischief. (Splash attacks on the other boats, etc.) Also, one of my chicas threw me in the river, which definitely woke me up.


For some reason, this seems to be a pattern with us. “Yona, drink this! Yona, kiss this guy! Yona, jump in the river!” And each time I back away kicking and screaming, but end up doing it anyway. Some craziness ensues…and I end up being glad I did it.


So I guess the moral of today’s story is never be afraid to jump into the river.


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