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Countdown in ١,٢,٣!

Though I spent nearly every summer of my childhood in Fairbanks, Alaska, stepping into the “warm-spell” of 11°F and the daily winter lives of my family and friends shed entirely new light on their community, and lives, as examples of Alaskan culture. I knew I was going to see (despite the dominate hours of darkness) and experience a new and different side of Alaska and for that reason I was dying to go visit family and friends in the notorious and hauntingly frozen Alaskan winter. The curiosity at root in my Ernest-Shackleton-desire to explore Alaska is carrying me on a much larger adventure to Egypt. The unknown is the thrilling and exciting part, laced with good dose of nerves to reassure me that I’m stretching the limits of the my comfort-zone (which after all is the growth studying abroad, college, and moreover life is all about).

Now for a brief introduction or perhaps better dubbed a warning label: your blogger is internet shy. Why then, decide to write a blog? I see documenting my 5-month Egyptian learning adventure as another great means to stretch my normally-absent-from-social-media comfort zone. That being said, I’m going to branch out and detail what I learn and see in Alexandria, from the Egyptian people, my peers, our program, and the Arabic language itself.

From a small town in southern California, with Alaskan family roots, and education at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, I will soon be adding resident of Alexandria, Egypt to my geographical bio. I’m off to “embrace the chaos” and try to absorb the fact that what I’ve been working towards for so long, exploring an Arabic-speaking country, is less than a day away.


My small California town is even beautiful on a rainy day!

JHU Winter

A cold baltimore day on then Gilman quad

Alaska Winter

An Alaskan sunrise at 11:00 am


More soon!!


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