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This is my first blogging experience, how exciting! Well I’ll be leaving for Ireland soon and I am very excited, but also a little nervous. The tensions are building in my house as my parents and I both feed each other’s frenzy. While we are all nervous about this experience, it is actually much less nerve wracking for us than when I left for college. I have been out of the country a few times since being at Millsaps but when I was leaving for college as an eighteen year old high school graduate neither my parents nor I knew what to expect. I was ready to move out of the house and get a taste of independence but I also remember the date of departure coming with trepidation. My parents were nervous that I wasn’t ready and they didn’t really know what to tell me to be ready for. In a way, going to college was like going to a different country in my family in that it was an unfamiliar experience that none of us knew quite how to prepare for. During my past two and a half years of college I have been able to mature and prove to my parents that I am responsible and deeply passionate about my education. My own maturity and passion for learning that was not as evident when I left for college in 2010 comforts my parents because they know that I will make the most of my experience in Belfast and that I will make intelligent decisions while there. I feel sure that the next time I post will be to update everyone on all of the exciting adventures I’ll be having in Belfast!



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