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And the Adventure Begins!

Looking out over the Thames from my unusually spacious single in the Hertford College Graduate Center, I can hardly believe that I’ve finally arrived at Oxford. As the onion dome of Christ Church and the quintessentially Gothic spire of St. Mary’s loom in the distance, my thoughts speed through my mind at a thousand miles per minute.

Oxford! I still can’t quite grasp my head around it. Since February of my sophomore year (at which time I submitted my IFSA application to study abroad), I’ve been waiting in gripping anticipation for this day to come. Although the week leading up to my departure was replete with tearful good-bye’s and hectic last-minute preparations, I knew I was in for an amazing six months in England once my flight landed in London.

It’s powerful to think that while neither of my parents were able to attend college in their youth, let alone study abroad, I have had the immense privilege and blessing—with the help of the IFSA-Butler First Generation Scholarship Program and Harvard’s incredibly generous financial aid program—to do both.

Here’s looking forward to an incredible, fantastical, stupendous semester abroad!

*Be on the lookout for new posts and pictures over the coming days!*


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