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Mini Vacation 2

Since Dubai is home to so many different nationalities, there are several differently themed restaurants, bars, and clubs. One of Steven and my favorite hangouts was the Irish Village, where they serve Irish beer, food, and even have ducks and cats running around! It is in a place called Century Village, which has a variety of restaurants themed from around the world, including Italian, Japanese, Austrailian, and Chinese. Most of the restaurants have outdoor seating where you can also smoke shisha, which is a very common pastime in the Middle East. It is similar to hookah in the United States.

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Jumeirah Beach is another really beautiful beach in Dubai. It hosted the Parachuting Championships.

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Barasti is a very prominent beach club, where people come to hang out during the night and the day.

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One of Steven’s and my last excursions was going to the top of the Burj Khalifa. It was very beautiful. Even if you are afraid of heights, I definitely recommend experiencing it!

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