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Departure in 3…2…1…

It seems I have made it full circle! I am about to return to America in three days. I just want to reflect on my experiences in this post. As I have said in a previous blog, my time in the UAE has been 100% unforgettable. I have changed as a person and in my way of thinking about life and people since I have been here, and it has all been for the better. I have made friends here that I know are going to last far beyond my study abroad experience. We’ve already made plans to visit each other again! I also know this isn’t my last visit to the Middle East. My time here has convinced me that this would be an amazing place to live and work, and I plan on searching for jobs here after I graduate in May. This study abroad has truly changed my life. I recommend studying abroad in the UAE to anyone, regardless of your personality, what you like to do, or what you’re studying. It truly has something for everyone. The studies are difficult, but I have learned so much, and have written some papers I know I can take home to my Memphis professors to potentially turn into theses. I have learned a lot academically, about myself, and about life in general, just from studying abroad. I wouldn’t change my decision to study abroad ever; in fact, this has probably been the best semester of my college career. I am actually very sad it is over. I am looking forward to going home and seeing my family, but I will miss the friendships I’ve made, the lifestyle I’ve gotten used to, and the beautiful scenery I get to wake up to everyday. I absolutely recommend studying abroad in UAE, NO DOUBT! I love and will miss you UAE!

Atlantis Hotel & The Palm

Atlantis Hotel & The Palm



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