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Ireland is calling…..

Well, I am about 5 days away from lots of firsts:

1. First time off the east coast

2. First time on a flight over 2 hours

3. First time leaving my parents for an extended amount of time

4. First time getting a passport

5. First time i will somewhere entirely made up of people i have never met before,

But it is also a semester of lasts:

1. Last time i will take classes at McDaniel College (i am a senior and will walk the stage for graduation just 2 days after my return to the states)

2. Last time i will see some of my friends knowing that most of them will be starting their careers (as i will be) as soon as we return

3. Last time i will be able to say ive never been out of the country.

4. Last time i will be able to say that i have never been influenced or exposed to new and different cultures.

5. and finally… last time i will be able to say ive never had a pint in bloody ireland (said in bad irish accent, dont judge)


This semester is something i have worked hard towards since sophomore year. I have been trying to go abroad and the UNIVERSE (aka. the bank) has continually told me “no”. Well, hah, i did it anyway!

I choose this program because it was in a country that used the Euro which exchanges better with US money and it was a lower costing program. Plus, its IRELAND… who wouldn’t!

Through passports, purchases, and packing the most difficult task has been making sure i had everything i need, not only things they recommended but also things that will make a home away from home, feel like home (say that 5 times fast).

So far, necessities in the suitcase (in no particular order) are: guinness t-shirt (gotta fit in with the locals), computer, poster of Marilyn Monroe (ive had since freshman year), pictures of family and friends, my stuffed lion (you all have a stuffed animal you still sleep with, not lie) and my two favorite books; Elephants on LSD, and Imagine….. among other things I cant think of off the top of my head.

I know it might sound like I am all geared up and packed…. but, alas, i am not. I am currently at KCACTF at Towson University of an invite only Theatre Festival. Im a participant and volunteer so the past few days have been non stop busy and im not even home to pack. The festival ends tomorrow and ill have 4 days to pack and get my life together before i leave everyone and everything i have ever know for 4 months. Whooo….that is exciting and extremely terrifying all at the same time. None the less, i am trying to keep a level head and i look forward to everything in store.


Until next time, CHEERS!



p.s i dont know about you guys but ever since I settled on going to Ireland i have met and “heard” so many people who are from Ireland. And i feel like just because im visiting their country they want to talk to me… not always the case…but im also awkward enough where i just blurt out “Hi, im going to Ireland, limerick to be exact, where are you from, i noticed your accent, youre nifty” ….i have great social skills…..





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