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Home is Where Your Honey is

The New York Knicks.


Never in my life have I ever cared for even a millisecond about the New York Knicks. I really don’t care for professional basketball at all, yet even when I pretend that I do, the Pacers are my team (since I am from Indiana). Well last night, suddenly the Knicks found their way into my life.

My friends and I went to a global pub quiz at the union on campus (a place where all of the students get really involved. There are pubs, stores, clubs, cafes, basically anything. The Leeds union is pretty amazing — Check it out here: The quiz night was kinda like the trivia nights that local bars/restaurants have in the states, yet this one was for international students and it was all about global trivia. Just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I am TERRIBLE at trivia. Like horrible. I never ever get an answer right, and if I do, it’s one that 95% of the people had already figured out before they finish asking the question. So our quiz began. I was so excited to prove to myself that maybe this time I would not be terrible at trivia. As the evening developed, I realized that this dream was not going to be fulfilled because, as always, I knew none of the answers. Here is an example question:

True or False: The English’s black pudding has real blood in it.

I had never even heard of black pudding before, so as I was freaking out about just the THOUGHT of blood in something called pudding, my teammates wrote down the correct answer: true. Who would have thought??

So the night continued on with laughs, wrong answers, and group cheers until my shining moment appeared. The question came over the intercom:

Where is the team the Knicks from?

I couldn’t believe it. NEW YORK! I shouted. NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! NEW YORK! I did a little jig in my seat as my teammates wrote down my answer. As I mentioned previously, I seriously do not care one ounce about the Knicks, but all of the sudden, it was like the Knicks were the greatest thing that had ever come into my life. I have only been here for less than a week, and yet at that moment I realized how much I miss hearing about American things. Maybe that makes me sound slightly pathetic, especially since England is fairly similar to the US, but I was just so nice to hear about something from where I call home. Even when I go to the grocery store here, the majority of the food brands are not familiar. I can’t find my Chobani yogurt, my Triscuit Thin Crisps, or my Blueberry Morning cereal. I can’t turn on the tv and know that there will always be a college basketball game on. I can’t head to the local Books a Million and buy a copy of Psychology Today. I never expected these things to even matter to me, and yet I miss them!

With that said, I really do love it here.  I am so excited to see what the next five months has in store. It is just interesting to see that the things you barely cared about at home turn out to be what you miss the most! My Grandma’s potholder is totally right:

Home is Where Your Honey is

Hopefully I can find some new honey in Leeds!

Until Next Time,



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