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Never Had a Passport

Have you seen the Drew Barrymore film, “Never Been Kissed”? That’s how I felt until I realized that life and happiness are the kinds of things you have to actively fight for.

Now, I’m not here to talk about my love life. (That’s for another blog–just kidding, I’d never do that!) I’m here to share with  you small glimpses into a life worth struggling for, worth seeking, and worth living: for me, that’s my life.

Glimpse #1: American Life

I guess I’ve never been your typical “gringa” (spanish slang for a white girl) because I’ve always been drawn to people who are different than I am. My mom would talk to her sister on the phone during my sleepovers and say “The U.N. is congregating tonight” because my friends usually brought a lot of diversity into the household–which was awesome!

Mexican/Irish Flores Clan

Mexican/Irish Flores Clan

My family is beautiful. My mom’s family is 100% Irish and creates a very large, loud, and fun family dynamic. My dad was born in Mexico and has inspired me to explore other languages. I have a spectacular twin sister and the kind of older brother you are so proud of who works for PWC in Chicago . If you get a chance to meet them, get ready: you’re, of course, in for a treat.

My identity isn’t too simple. I love America and the diversity that I get exposed to everyday, but I’m landlocked. I’ve never had the means to even travel the USA, nor the opportunity to travel out of the county.  My identity grows with every desire I have to learn and accept something new. For example, below is a picture of me with two of “my” flags. One is true: I am Mexican; the other is not so factually true…

I only kinda sorta wish I was Indian...

I only kinda sorta wish I was Indian…

Yes, that’s India’s flag. I know, I know, I’m so silly! But when you so desperately yearn for something more, who wouldn’t naturally adopt the Indian culture? It’s ridiculously cool!  With my limited means, I’ve taken every opportunity in my college career to be exposed to other cultures. I love languages and learning from the wonderfully unique people around me. This would be my ultimate motivation to study abroad and would be my fuel to reject the limitations presented to me.

But this was me before. Before I accepted my dreams, before I would let myself even consider trying to achieve them.

This is the story of the American Girl without a Passport who decided that finally, finally, finally…

It was about time she got one.

The American Girl

The American Girl



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