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So I’m going to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just had to get through Finals Week first. Below is the more rested recall that I would be studying abroad after finals and after I would lead a medical brigade to Ecuador.

The American Student transitions to the Argentinian Student:


And I got through it! I got through finals, I enjoyed my beautiful friends and family in the States, and traveled Ecuador to lead a Timmy Global Health Medical Brigade in Tena, Ecaudor. I was acting as a Reflections Leader on the trip, which means I met with students, translators, and medical professionals at night after working with them all day in clinics to talk about what we saw, what we’re doing, and of course, how we feel about all of it. My job was to transform it from “that trip to Ecuador” to something more meaningful. We saw hundreds of patients a day and we all learned so much–it would be a waste if we didn’t explore what it all meant.


And now? Now I’m back. I’m in the states finishing up some responsibilities and classes at DePauw University and finally getting ready for my next adventure, for the next chapter in my life in Buenos Aires, Argentina

For more details about Ecuador, you’ll have to sneak into my private journal 😉



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