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Month before arrival

Hello Everyone!

I am planning to study at University of Sydney, and have been preparing for this trip for a while now. Although I still have a little less than a month to go, it still does not seem enough. On one hand, I am frazzled at the thought of packing, choosing what to bring and what not to bring, getting all the logistics straight ( flight, important documents, etc.) and saying that last goodbye to my parents at the airport. On the other, I am ecstatic to be going to Australia for a whole semester, creating new memories, and lasting friendships. So let me start with what I have accomplished so far:

1. Picking out luggage- I have not been out of the  country for a while, so my parents thought that getting new luggage is the first thing they wanted to do. The luggage had to be a good size, and sturdy enough.

2. Getting extras, of EVERYTHING- By everything, I may be a bit exaggerating but a huge tip: Get EXTRAS! I love my glasses, but a girl needs her contacts too. I bought a six month supply of contact lenses for my trip, just in case. I also got extra pairs of glasses, extra bath products and things I usually take for granted here at my home. When I stay extras, I do not mean in an excessive amount, but just enough to last you a bit longer so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it in Sydney, or anywhere else.

3. Clothes- This is a tough one. Since Australia’s weather is the opposite of the weather in America, I would land their in the summer, and leave in the winter. Thus, I need to bring with me my summer gear, as well as a bit of my winter clothes. Although the temperatures do not get extremely low in Australia, I will still need to bring some jackets with me.

4. Refer to IFSA-BUTLER handout ” Preparing for study abroad”- Let me tell you, this is extremely helpful! I was so conflicted with what to bring, how my orientation will be like, and the main things I should be worried about, but this document saved me. It has detail guidelines about what to bring, what to pack, how to pack, and the kinds of excursions we will be exploring once in Sydney.

In the end, I am a bit worried about leaving though.It is honestly a bitter sweet feeling. I still have a long way to go, in terms of packing, and my days are only getting shorter. Nevertheless, I am very excited to be leaving for Sydney soon, and I absolutely love this feeling of impatience, bewilderment, and happiness. I will keep you updated!


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