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I’ve been neglecting you

Hello again!  I know it’s been awhile but things here have been just a little bit crazy.

The first term ended without any sort of stress, it was weird to not have finals before break, but here we take our exams when we get back from break since classes don’t start until October.  As soon as the semester was over I headed to London to meet up with another American friend who was here for the semester to head to Europe.  We spent three weeks travelling to Paris, Antwerp, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels.  It was amazing.  I loved all of it, especially Berlin, where we spent Christmas.  I spent New Year’s in Amsterdam in the pouring rain in Dam Square, full of drunken celebrators setting off fireworks, it was great.  I also ended up meeting some people who went to school in America right near my home school.  I know it’s cliché but it really is a small world sometimes.

As soon as I got back to Cardiff it was time to start studying for exams.  Fun I know.  At this point I’ve taken two and have one more to go on Friday.  Then new classes start on the 28th.  I’m only taking two more classes this semester, plus the three full year classes but this semester I’m taking one on Egyptian archaeology which I am so excited about.

It’s also been snowing over here.  I love snow, a lot, like a little kid likes snow.  It just makes the whole city so pretty, especially Cardiff Castle.  I mean it’s a castle covered in snow, how much more magical can you get?

And now to hold you over until my next post, here are some pictures from Europe and Cardiff in the snow


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