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What went wrong: Stolen Phone

Next thing that went wrong: getting my phone stolen. Talk to anyone in Buenos Aires and they’ll give you a lost of things they’ve had stolen. Just about every student in my program has gotten something stolen: wallet, phone, iPod, computer, backpacks, purses, passports, full things of luggage. It’s part of the experience, no matter how careful you all, you will most likely get something stolen. I had managed to avoid having my phone stolen. I was using my beat up Balckberry Torch that I had brought with me from the US. I just had to buy SIM card for it and I was good to go. It was great for the 4 months I was using it there. Even though the camera stopped working, it was chipped all over, part of the plastic fell off and some of the buttons stopped working. It was my phone, I liked it. One day I was going to meet a friend to study at a new place we were hoping to try out for its atmosphere. When I got there, the place was closed. S I took out my phone to call my friend and ask where she was and what we wanted to do instead. As I had it out in my hand a guy on a bike went past me and snatched it right out of my hand. I was dumbstruck. It took me a moment to realize that it wasn’t some joke, I had literally just gotten my phone taken away by some random guy on a bike, and as I watched him peddle away I yelled “REALLY?!?! EFF MY LIFE!” As I considered that I did set it with a password, and that after so many tries it would wipe everything, and that my phone had so much damage they wouldn’t get much for selling it, I felt a little bit better. I also realized I had my laptop in my backpack, which I was safely wearing in front of me. So I guess I was also relieved he zoomed by instead of taking a gun or knife or other weapon and demanding all of my belongings. I hate not having a phone so I immediately bought a new one. As you’re already aware money has been tight, so that was a huge bummer to have to dish out all that money for a new phone. But I guess as a warning to all who will be in Buenos Aires, guard your things! But don’t be super surprised when you get mugged or get something stolen. It will happen. Just be smart about how you react and handle the situation and take a lot of preventative measures.


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