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The wait…

So I thought that maybe I would start off my first couple of blog posts in a pre-departure showcase to try to give people an idea of what study abroad is like.


By far the worst part of study abroad that I have experienced so far is the wait. The wait is not fun, exciting or even nerve racking. It is just plan lonely, pure and simple. It’s especially hard if like me you have a program that starts later than most of the others, because all of your friends and loved ones will either; 1. Be back at your University, doing their own stuff, taking classes and being otherwise busy, or 2. Already be abroad, experiencing their own country, and otherwise being busy. This is what is somewhat rough. The people you care about are not with you and they are also too busy to speak to you, which leaves you stuck at home, possibly working, but otherwise being pretty bored (there’s only so much stuff on the internet that you can find amusing). After a while you really just get the need to finally go abroad because otherwise you’ll remain bored out of your mind.


Now perhaps some, if not most of you reading this are saying that this isn’t how it was with you, and to that I celebrate how smoothly the wait for study abroad went for you. For me it has been pretty tedious. By now all of my friends are abroad or back at Uni. and either don’t have time because of classes and homework or time differences, etc., etc. So I rarely am able to do much other than work. This becomes a really horrible schedule. Wake up, go to work, finish work, go home, do something for a few hours, go to sleep. This is going to be my schedule for the next month, until I leave in March. As you can very well see, not super exciting.


I hope that this post won’t be received with thoughts of how negative my outlook is. I am purely trying to document my entire study abroad experience to the best of my abilities, and this all has to do with said experience. I know that many people who are preparing to leave either today or relatively soon are rushing around making sure everything is packed, nothing forgotten. But here I am sitting in my living room, typing this post before I have to leave for work and all I have to show for myself is a boarding pass for a flight that doesn’t leave for another month. My warning to other study abroad students is this.

Prepare something to do while you wait. Don’t depend on work to fill in the days because it drains you quicker and makes the wait bitter. If you can, visit your friends at Uni. before you leave. Find something to do that will improve your mood, like going to the gym or reading.


Well that is the first post of my blog. Kind of off to a dark start but as I said it’s part of the experience and I want to document it all. I will post again towards mid-February to continue and I will write about the preparations going into my trip. Until then I hope that everyone is having a wonderful semester abroad or at Uni. Until we meet again.



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