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“This place is all about cardio”


and i dont meant normal walking, i mean speed walking… what we in the states like to call running!

But nonetheless i am HERE!!

Dublin was amazing and the Guiness factory was both educational and… well….i had a “hop”ping good time… ha, beer pun.

We finally got to our institution on Wednesday and settling in has been so easy. The other Irish students, and international students have made it so easy to be relaxed here.

Classes are much different from the states, a lot more laid back from what i can see so far… even though i have only had three so far.

Being Ms.Involved i have already joined the UL Student Union and………..MADE THE DANCE TEAM HERE (thanks to our new Irish friend Jack for the contact hook up)


Im loving every minute of it here and will post pictures when its not 1am :)

Our IFSA group has stayed close and Me Truman Erica Karen Clare Nick Kelsey and Lauren are known as “the americans” … were okay with it :)




p.s i found an old book of haikus before i left and have decided each blog will end with a Haiku about how i feel… here goes nothing.


Im finally here!

Ireland has delivered

Oh gosh, wheres my mom?


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