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I’ve certainly had to do a lot of acclimating to the weather in Scotland thus far (or acCLIMATEing, rather). Sunshine is rare, and when the sun does decide to make an appearance it’s generally a cameo followed within 10 minutes by a storm. This storm will then wear itself out after 15 blustery minutes of snow/sleet/rain blowing horizontally in high-powered gusts of wind (these 15 minutes obviously always overlap with my walk to classes). This fun meteorological game then continues for sometime until the elements eventually decide on a solid gray colored sky for the remainder of the daylight hours. (Note: Sunset in Scotland is currently at 4:55pm. Still not regretting leaving my shades at home.) However, while constant gray skies may sounds dreary, they actually are quite beautiful in conjunction with the random bursts of sunshine, and act as a great backdrop to the Scottish landscapes. I’ve also never appreciated my hooded jacket more!

The first picture shows one of the rare sunny Edinburgh days at Edinburgh Castle.

Next are the characteristic gray skies at St. Andrews cathedral/cemetery.

The third is once again, typical weather at University of Edinburgh’s Kings Buildings (the science/engineering campus).

The fourth photo shows the primary rule of Scottish weather: it’s never bad weather to wear your kilt!


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