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It appears that I have a thing for maps. Perhaps this has been laying dormant within me all along, but since arriving in London, I’ve found that my thoughts are never too far away from musings where I am and how many more streets to walk before I’ve covered all of London. Before I left, I started reading Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as Cartographer by Peter Turchi. It’s a writers reference book that illustrates the writing process through map metaphors. It’s a great book and I’ve been reading a few pages a day since I’ve been here and I’m finding that it helps fuel this interest of mine. So what shall I chart? What does my map look like? For now, I’m answering those questions quite literally, using the map as my muse as I learn and revisit different artistic media. I just finished a book (bound by my own hands) full of paper cut maps (see pictures below) of London and I’m also working on a stained glass rendering of my neighborhood in Paddington. I’m ready to push this further and take cartography a little less literally. During a seminar (British English for critique) last week, people suggested that I use the general and broad notion of mapping and make it personal, instead of using arbitrarily chosen maps of London. Today I took a trip to Stanfords, the worlds’ largest supplier of guides, maps and travel information (says so on their shopping bag!) in the hopes of evading the hamster wheel of ideas that my mind seems to be¬†recycling. No success. Well, I walked out with 5 ordinance survey maps of 19th century London, but I found that exploring literal maps isn’t letting me think out side the box. Still, it was a great store and I’ll definitely be back there.

Enough rambling, let me get back to my point, or better yet, look at the pictures. I don’t think they need captions, as they’re pretty self explanatory. I used an exacto knife to cut away the paper. As for the stained glass…you know what, I will caption the pictures.

Enjoy! Feel free to drop me a line and send some suggestions my way!



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