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Not much has been happening this week, other than a lot of studying and essay writing (although perhaps not as much of that as would be ideal).  It´s midterm-time, which is pretty hard to believe, because it means the study abroad Peru program is halfway over!  I thought that maybe I should stop and think about what I will miss about Perú when I leave in two months (and what I won´t).

Will miss:

1. Dogs in coats.  There are virtually no dogs here that do not wear some article of clothing.  It was one of my first impressions of Lima–I thought it was hilarious then and I haven´t gotten sick of it at all.

2. Speaking Spanish.  It adds a challenge to everyday life that just doesn´t exist when you wake up in the morning sure that you can say everything you will need to say that day.  Even the frequent embarrassments aren´t that bad, and surprising successes more than make up for them.

3. $2 lunches.  Peruvian restaurants have a menú, which is different than the carta, which is what the US calls a menu.  Usually the menú is a really good deal: an appetizer, entrée and drink for 6-9 soles, which right now is 2-3 dollars.  And some places have really good food.  Yesterday I had a fruit salad and chicken with rice that was delicious.

4. Public transportation.  I still haven´t decided whether I love or hate the combi system here, but it´s amazingly convenient.  I walk out my door and over 4 blocks and can hop on a combi almost instantly, since the ones I need go by every couple minutes.  No planning required.  Cheap.  Nice.

Things I probably won´t miss (but who knows)

1. Grey skies.  This might change soon, but we´re going through a grey period, and I miss the sun!

2. Having to do schoolwork.  I can´t wait to actually graduate!

3. Public transportation.  It´s crowded and sometimes requires an argument about how much you have to pay, and apparently some combis have fleas (I haven´t been bitten, but other people have).  And driving is just so fun.  If only gas were as cheap as a ride on the combi.

So those are my thoughts right now.  They´ll probably be different by the end of the program in a couple months (!), and on this list I didn´t include any of the people here, because I obviously will miss them.

I have two essays due tomorrow, and exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, which isn´t a great way to start the week.  However, on Monday I also am going to get a massage at the office to de-stress and then go paragliding off the cliffs by the ocean (to re-stress).  I´ll hopefully post some pictures after I go!


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