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T-Minus One Week!

And just when you think winter break could not get any longer, you realize you still have one week left of packing and repacking, catching up on all of your favorite shows, and going back to school to visit your friends. It’s the good life really—hanging out at home during the school week and living the college student’s life on the weekends. It has been great, I must admit, but I am ready to close this looong winter break chapter of my life and move on to the next chapter. I am ready to fly the quick flight to Australia (21 hours to be exact) and begin a journey I know will be one for the books.  Before I jump into my pre-study abroad preparations and expectations, I should introduce myself!

My name is Erin and I am a junior at Providence College (Go Friars!), although my heart will always be in New Hampshire, my home state. I am a Health Policy and Management major with a minor in Business Studies. I am quite simple in regards to what’s important to me:  my family and friends more than anything else—so let’s just say the decision to study abroad in a far away place was slightly difficult for me. I had the usual worries of becoming homesick and “FOMO” (fear of missing out) on things back home and at school. I have quickly come to realize that home and PC will be waiting for me in just a few months and to embrace this rollercoaster that is about to come my way. I love to write, love photography, love to travel, and love new people with interesting stories and backgrounds. These passions of mine are what made studying abroad a definite for me regardless of my fears. The positives outweighed the negatives, and there I was swooning over my acceptance to the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. Both my brother and sister studied abroad in Australia just a few years ago and I couldn’t break the family tradition, right?? I had no desire too though after hearing the countless stories and adventures my siblings both shared with me.

IFSA Butler was recommended to me from my siblings as well as countless online resources I came across while researching. Since I am the only student from Providence College (as well as IFSA Butler) that will be attending my host university, I am comforted in the fact that I will meet other IFSA Butler students on the group flight from L.A. to Sydney. This feature is just one of the many aspects of IFSA Butler that is advantageous to me. The orientation, the advisers, the group flight, the quick email responses to what felt like thousands of questions I was asking my IFSA contact, Chris…it was all exactly what I wanted for my study abroad experience because let’s face it, at times the whole process can be slightly overwhelming. The overwhelming moments were well worth the excitement I am feeling now—one week away from weighing my luggage on the bathroom scale (please don’t be too heavy, please don’t be too heavy), driving down to Boston’s Logan Airport and off I go!

In preparation for next week, I first started by making a (long) list of things to pack and things to do. It has been beyond helpful for me in terms of staying organized in these past few weeks. In terms of packing, I have been realistic as to what I really need and what I can do without. What I am more concerned about is getting there and getting this crazy 5 month chapter started! I will be living with seven other people and cannot wait to meet my future roommates upon my arrival. Classes begin in a few weeks and the fun begins when the wheels go up next Monday morning. I will be sure to post as soon as I arrive in Sydney (with pictures as well!).  FYI, a large part of my blogging will be photos. I hope you enjoy! Bon voyage America, Hello Down Under!


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