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NeW zEalAnd!

Five Weeks.

I am close but not that close. I have start raking for money. Stupid SoCal, how am I supposed to rake for money when there is this.. this.. sunshine?? How am I supposed to rake in the dough to make this trip work? I should probably apply for my Visa and buy my ticket now. Damn, I NEED a Ticket to get my Visa. Ok, work work work.


Four Weeks.

Ticket booked! Let’s Do Ittttttt!!! I should figure out how to pay for this now.


Three Weeks.

Ding! Networking. The Internet. Freelance Writing.

Friends are the Family you choose. I chose well because with a little help from my friends, I can do this. Wait a second what about New Zealand? Where does that fit in?

Well, it goes a little something like this…

“Hey Jday (High School Nickname, how are you?”

“I’m doing good, how are you?”

“I’m good, when do you leave?”

“February 4”

“Wow, that’s late!”

“I know, I am going to New Zealand to study abroad and their semester starts much later since it is summertime over there.”

“(Wide Eyed or Surprised) New Zealand, that’s amazing!!!”

“Yeah, I know I am pretty stoked!”

It usually goes on with some whys, whens, hows and goes on for at least 10 minutes. This happened approximately 5-7 times a week for weeks.

One Week.

I am so close and yet, I have not really thought about going much besides seeing a video here and there. Of course the classic 100% Pure 100% New Zealand is one of the real deals.


Three days.

Oh shit I have to get a bunch of stuff together. How do I do this? What do I bring? Damn, I still have to see them, do that, and somehow figure out what to bring. I consistently take and bring 100lbs of clothes to a fairly consistent climate in New York and now I have to deal with sunshine, rain, winds, and the indecisive beast that is New Zealand weather. I need help.


Two days.

Ok, I have got this under control, I am half packed. I just need to revise and put together the other living items I was told I needed. Just so you know that is not your normal shampoo, food, and towels, and other toiletries but rather means a tent, hiking boots, rain pants and jacket, sunscreen, flashlight, and swiss army knife. But wait, I still have to see people and make things. Which Will I do?????

One Day

So, I didn’t buy the tent and things thinking that my friend would be able to lend them to me. However, he cant! So, let the last minute shopping happen. Tent, Shampoo, Hiking Boots, Sunscreen, Daypack, and more 5 hours until I have to leave. This is ridiculous but it will happen!


Checking In

NEW ZEALAND!!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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