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Moving right along!

Next up? Went to Paris for the weekend (Jan 24-27) where it was cold and lovely. Mostly cold. But I had some great moments at various museums and historical landmarks. See for yourself! I got back to London at 10 AM (via Eurostar train!) and made a beeline for the studio. Yes, on a Sunday. I guess it wasn’t exactly a beeline–I took an indirect route to walk streets I had never walked before. Have I mentioned that project? I don’t know how it came to me, but I decided that I’m going to attempt to walk every street in Central London (haven’t decided the borders of this project yet) and record my routes in red on a xerox copy of my favorite map. It gives walking a tremendous sense of purpose. Every corner I turn is a small victory. I’ll often leave the studio in the middle of the day for 10 minutes, and hour or three and just walk. Sometimes with a place to go or an errand to run, other times just for the sake of walking the city.

What else do I do? I’m always at a gallery or museum. Been to the ICA, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert, the Saatchi Gallery, the Jewish Museum, the Hayward Gallery, the Ronchini Gallery, the Tate Modern, the Tate Britain….you can’t make art in a vacuum. In order to make art, you need to see art. So I see a lot of art. Don’t love everything I see, but I love seeing it all.

When I’m not seeing art I might be at a bookstore, a market, a park, a store that sells nothing you need but everything you want (they have quite a few of those around here)…eating my weight in Cadbury chocolate… But I’m all for chance encounters. Believe me, I like to plan, yet there’s nothing more enthralling then plans you didn’t make.

And now for your viewing pleasure…

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Paris-bound! At St. Pancras International at 5 AM...that's me in the middle.


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