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Go the Distance

G’day mate! Surprisingly this is not used as much as one would expect while in Australia but people are really very friendly and will occasionally end a conversation with a jovial ‘Cheerio!’ Sydney's botanical garden

The packing is finished, the plane ride was successful, the IFSA Butler orientation was completed, and the move in was accomplished! So much has happened in one week!

Everything started on Saturday, February 16 with my five and a half hour flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco. It was a smooth ride and I enjoyed the five hour layover I had before my next flight. I was able to walk around outside the airport and the warm weather was great after being in an enclosed aircraft! Then it was time for my sixteen hour flight, dun dun DUNNN!!!!!

It was a group flight so all of the IFSA Butler students were in one section on the plane. We waited to board the plane, flew, and spent the next few days at orientation together. It was pretty sweet because the girls I sat next to on the plane were also going to the same University in Australia that I was and were my roommates for the rest of orientation. IFSA's Wollongong Girls

The flight itself was not too bad; it was at night and I slept most of the ride. Also, the plane had tasty food, a decent movie selection, and they turned out the lights.  However, I did not able to walk around the plane since I had the window seat. For the first day or two after the plane ride my legs were swollen and unappreciative of the abuse they withstood. Moral of the story, if you are going to Australia walk around the plane and your body will thank you later.

Orientation was amazing. We went on a walking tour through Sydney, visited a wildlife park, bushwalked through the Blue Mountains, experienced an aboriginal demonstration, and went on a Sydney Harbor Cruise. Sydney is huge and has a little bit of everything. The tour was filled with historical and interesting facts such as a man once climbing the Sydney Opera house with only his bare hands and feet. Sydney's Opera House It was possible to feed a kangaroo (or emu), get a picture with a koala, and watch a crocodile snap up some food at the wildlife park! Munchies for a Kangaroo! The Blue Mountains were beautiful and provided quite the workout walking down heaps of steps but it is worth it. the Blue Mountains The aboriginal demonstration explained many things and the musical performances wowed everyone. The cruise was a great way to see the city lights at night and made me excited about the incoming semester.

On Thursday I moved into Wollongong University. It is very nice here and I luckily I have the sweetest roommate. I am trying to adjust to not having my technology sorted out but it I will have it figured out in the next week or so. In Australia you have to pay for your internet usage, carrier, etc. It will be nice when I am fully settled in and have a routine established. This upcoming week I have another orientation and the following week I start classes. Life in Australia is buzzing!

So far Australia has been great! It is incredibly beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead.


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