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Long Long Way to Go

This is a blog post that I have been avoiding writing since I arrived at Leeds.

I was never really scared to write about this topic. I just wanted to wait until the day that I decided that, yes, it was definitely my class, and not myself, that was bizarre.

And today was that day.

*Side note: Obviously, one professor does not represent an entire university, especially one with 30,000 students in it. The description below is one of my experience, and my experience only.*

I am in three classes: Film and Music, Global Conversations, and one that pertains to child studies that I will withhold the name of for my own protection. My class about film music is decent because the lectures go along well with what we will be assessed on, and the professor is a nice guy and knows his stuff, even though it’s slightly boring. In my second class, called “Global Conversations,” we watch movie clips, discuss things like the meaning of life, and read comics that my professor creates for us about when she worked at a bird sanctuary. **Double thumbs up** But what about the child studies class I’m taking that actually pertains to my major, you ask? Well… I can’t pretend that I am not disappointed. But it’s not disappointment in a Debbie Downer sort of way. I’m giving more of a Confused Corrine vibe.

Let me explain.

For my child studies class (as I mentioned before, I am withholding the name of the class for the protection of all included), the actual lecturer has only been there once thus far. It was the very first lecture of the semester and she was a bit of a hot mess. Sadly, her guest lecturer has been riding the exact same struggle bus. The lectures are disjointed and they lack a clear focus.  I honestly sometimes don’t even understand what we are supposed to be gaining from them. For example, the only thing I remember from last week’s lecture was that to write a paper, you need to do the following: Say what you want to say, say it, say what you’ve already said. Is it me, or does this remind you of your 6th grade English class?

So with that background in mind, let me tell you about today’s lecture. It was an muddled mess of pictures of kidnapped children, rhetorical questions about nature versus nurture, and a newspaper article that we read in class and then did not discuss. With fifteen minutes left to go, while my brain was still trying to find the connection between the pictures and the newspaper article, a song suddenly came on over the loudspeaker without explanation: [youtube][/youtube]

The lecturer just stood there. I thought it was an accident. I giggled for a second to myself until I realized it was not a computer malfunction that got this song to play. I turned around in search of an explanation from my 70 classmates, yet they were all chit chatting away in their pairs and trios, acting as if nothing weird was going on. Shocked, I faced forward and attempted to obtain an explanation from the girl next to me. “Suzie,  why is the professor playing this song?”  She shrugged it off and continued chatting with her friend about a party last weekend.


I was literally the only one that wondered why a muffled Phil Collins was singing over the loud speaker. For four minutes and 23 seconds I wondered. The song finished, and for once I was actually interested in what the lecturer was about to say. This deserved and explanation.

“Okay students, that’s the end of class. I know it was difficult to hear so I have pile of paper here with lyrics to the song if you want them. See you next week.”

That was it.  Class was finished. Over.  Done.

Again, WHAT?

I left class with more answers than when I came in, but maybe that was his aim. At least he got me thinking…right?

As you can see, my academic experience here has been an interesting one no doubt. I bet that as the semester goes on, though, everything will become normal for me, and I will end up learning a lot from all of my classes. Hey, I’ll maybe even* download some Phil Collins music for my own enjoyment!

In honor of my class today, I will conclude with this quote:

“I can’t play anymore near like I used to, and I was a hot drummer. It doesn’t bother me, because frankly, if you get to that point where you can’t hold a drumstick properly, there are many other things in life which are far more important, like cutting a loaf of bread or a piece of cheese” — Phil Collins.

Way to have your priorities straight, Phil!

Until next time,


*definitely not


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