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Hello everyone! It’s been a great first three weeks of courses. The difference in the system here from what I’m used to at home has been a bit difficult to get used to. I seem to have a lot of free time but I need to do all of the readings! It is much more independent and students have a fair amount of choice in what readings they choose to do. There is required reading but students are also expected to do some outside reading. I personally have really enjoyed this aspect because it gives me the freedom to choose readings about the specific issues I’m interested in. Nearly everyone on my living hall is very nice and they are all Irish, which is great because I know I can go into the communal room and learn about Irish culture everyday.

The refreshers fair was this week which gives students the opportunity to sign up for clubs that might hold their interest. I recommend signing up for anything that sparks your interest, you can always go to everything the first week or so and decide what you want to stick with later. I went to the boxing society meeting tonight and it was incredible! I’ve never thrown a punch in my life but most of the other Queen’s students that came tonight hadn’t either. It was a fantastic workout and a good way to relieve the tensions and stresses of the day. After all, who doesn’t want to repeatedly punch something when they’re frustrated? I got to meet people in the community as well as other Queens students. I’m also planning on going to the mountaineering society meeting next Thursday night and the photography society meeting Tuesday night. They also have skydiving, surfing, even Chinese dragon dancing! There truly is something for everyone.


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