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Exams are Coming, University Becomes Madhouse

I very much expected for the few weeks we have left here at Uni to be filled with frantic studying and.. well… not much else.  I was very wrong.  In fact, the University seemed to be more alive than ever.  Sure there was studying going on, but as temperatures rose and the end of the semester approaches, it seems as if everyone is either travelling, partying, or spending free time at the pool or beach.  The International students who study abroad in Australia realize they don’t have much time left to travel and experience Australia – spending every last penny.  And the Australians, given the week off before finals begin, plan big parties and trips to the beach or Nearby Island destinations.  As for me… Well, I’m going to be here for another 8 whole months, so I am in no hurry to go anywhere, and my classes are pretty difficult, so I find myself torn.  I have spent my fair share of free time at the college pool, playing Frisbee, and have attended a couple parties, but I really need to get down to business now.  Unsure of future college plans when I return to the United States, I just need to get the best marks I can.
Today we had a decent thunder storm come through.  As usual, before dinner time, I was out playing frisbee with one of my college friends, when it all came down on us.  There were also other groups of out on the cricket field, playing casual soccer or rugby.  When the rain came we all paused… looked around, and decided to just keep playing.  As the rain came down harder, and lightning came closer, we had even more fun.  Covering the middle of the cricket field was a massive tarp, and after it had collected rain, some students started sliding on it.  The trend grew and eventually we were all sliding  (easily 10-15 meters each) on this tarp, having a blast!  We started getting creative by diving for frisbee passes, playing several rounds of human bowling, and colliding in the middle as two people slid from each end.  This reminded me of home, and we all got to know each other really well.
It has been a very fun day, but I must get working now and keep on a schedule.  However, I am very relieved that we have so long to study in Australia before final exams.  The atmosphere here on campus, I reiterate, is very different than it would be in the states.
I strongly feel:
Encouraged – I believe I have found the practical help and resources I will need to pass each of my courses!
At Home – Going to the Butler Study Abroad Farewell Dinner, I (being the only student of the group staying for next semester) felt as if Australia was my own, like these friends I had made were just visiting.  I was proud of my new country and new home, and looked anxiously forward to having it become a greater part of who I am!  I didn’t need to worry about the culture shock of the return or if I will be able to handle the snow and cold – I’m Staying!


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