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Enrique y la Nueva Vida


I have lived in Buenos Aires for over a week!

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I think I like Enrique Iglesia’s music.

I pretty sure those are facts. The first one is definitely the one that I’ll admit is true!  I go to class, I go to bars, I walk in parks, I speak in Spanish, and when someone asks where I’m from, I always end with “I live here now.”

The students in my class are all part of Intermediate programs and it’s great! I haven’t taken a Spanish class in 3.5 years and I have to tell you that I love being in class again. Not only is it so applicable, but we all want to learn. It’s what we’re there to do.


We’re also here to live it up! Many have us have traveled very little and we keep each other going with new ideas/tips on how to have the best adventure. Sometimes, though, the adventures definitely come to us. Whether its awkward dance requests in the clubs, near-death experiences in the taxis, uncomfortable moments when the male in the group calls himself a woman–whatever the case, us gringos find our days packed with surprises.


And yet our lives feel normal. These people are fantastic and our environment is golden. I was so happy when my friend from Brazil came to visit this week because I was reminded of the splendor of my new home mixed with the experiences I’m bringing with me here. We met in the United States working at Camp Tecumseh and now have the opportunity to be in the same beautiful place for a week!

Like my sister and I say, the world is small for us.

Life is defined by our relationships without boundaries. This thrills me. Just like Enrique’s music right now…what?! I’m trying to listen to Spanish music more and I like his tunes!


…Amigo, baja un cambio…



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