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Three Days and Counting

Hi Everyone,

I guess I should introduce myself. =)  My name is Nicole Najecki and I study Spanish and Photography at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. I’m leaving for Argentina on Tuesday, and I keep bouncing back and forth between being really nervous and maybe a little too calm. I’ve traveled a lot in the past; my mom and I have been to the Bahamas, Paris, Italy and Canada along with trips around the United States to places like the Grand Canyon and a dude ranch in Wyoming. I spent my first year of college at Tulane University in New Orleans, and last summer I studied in Guatemala with a group of students from my university. Still, I’ve never lived outside of the U.S. before. This semester, I will be living in Mendoza and attending the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. I need to take a couple of art courses, but other than that, I can study whatever I want. Which is a good thing, because I won’t know what classes I can take until I’ve been there for a little while! This is a little nerve-racking due to my very organized and planned nature, however I’m sure everything will work out fine.

I found out last week that I will be living with a three person family, a mom, a son and a daughter, both of which are around my age. I  got pictures of them with my family information and they look really nice. I was surprised how much the simple act of learning who I am living with calmed my pre-departure jitters even though I still haven’t met them.

I’m really excited to head out on this adventure. I’ve been reading the guidebooks, and I want to take some mini-trips to Iguazu Falls, Tren de las Nubes, and the Glacier National Park. I’ve never seen a glacier before, and they say Iguazu is better than Niagra! I’m also excited for spring break when my family is planning to come down and visit. I’m trying to convince them that we should go to Patagonia.

I’ll let you know what it’s like when I get there =)



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