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First week in Lima

It’s difficult to even begin to describe this past week. So much has happened that I sometimes whilst standing in the middle of a crowded side walk I stop and realize “Wow, I’m in Peru”. Most of it seems like a really vivid dream. It’s utterly amazing to see all of the things here. It’s one thing to see pictures of Miraflores and another thing entirely to finally be here and be walking the streets. We’ve done a lot of stuff in the time we’ve been here as well, from classes to walking around central Lima and visiting the Plaza de Armas. I really can’t be sure if I would want to change anything. All of the IFSA staff are really supportive and caring and the group I’m with is really great.It’s just so crazy to finally be here and be speaking Spanish everyday and being apart of the community. This is a really short update because I’m still trying to gather my thoughts. I will add photos to make it a tad bigger.


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