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I know, I know…

I should be posting more, I know.  But what with starting a new semester, bank problems, a whole slew of essays, and travel plans, I have not found the time.

But no one cares about how busy I’ve been.

This past weekend IFSA took us to North Wales for their Adventure Weekend, I couldn’t go last semester because I would have had to miss two classes but this semester I was totally ready.  I chose to do mine exploration, which was an all day activity, and let me just say that it was awesome.  I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.  That whole area of North Wales is covered in old slate mines used mainly in Victorian times, shutting down around 1950, so for about 4 hours we got to explore one of them.  And this exploring was not just wandering around, it involved, climbing up a waterfall, zip lining across a deep pool of water, belaying down a drop, and finally climbing up an air shaft to get out.  All of which was bookended by a hike up and down the hill.  It was incredible.

Other than that, I’ve got one more essay to do (or at least get mostly done) before spring break.  I will be spending spring break with my sister in Europe.  She’s got the same break as I do so she’s flying over next Friday.  We’re doing London then a few places in France and Italy than she’s flying back to New York from Zurich, and I’m flying back to London, although I have yet to book that flight.  Let’s just say that I’m going to have a very busy next 7 days with planning and essay writing before I set out for London, but at least I won’t be fighting jetlag.


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