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It has sunk in … I am living the dream.

First of all, I’m sorry for neglecting you all for so long! These past 22 days have been jammed pack. School is in full swing and the activities available 24/7 have distracted me from documenting this important time in my life. However, I think I have fully realized just how special this experience is and how much I will truly gain from it. It is now all real to me. It has finally sunk in. All in all, I am one lucky girl–I’m living the dream.

I have done immense amounts of activities since my IFSA-Butler orientation. The first week at Macquarie University (Uni) consisted of O’Week activities organized by the Macquarie University Village in which I’m staying in a lovely house with five other girls all from the East Coast in the States. Here’s a brief overview of my amazingly fun O’Week:

Feb. 18th:

From 3:30PM to 7PM I took a tour with my Resident Assistants. However, this was not just any tour. I expected a tour around campus, so I could get a feel for my surroundings and figure out where my classes were. Instead I found myself bar hopping from The Ranch to Ubar (two of the close bars/clubs near and on campus that everyone in the Mac Village attends every Wednesday and Thursday night). Not that I was complaining, though. We received free drinks at both destinations and I got to meet some new people not in my IFSA-Butler program.

Feb. 19th:

The second day of O’Week consisted of the Mac Uni Village orientation. We got some information about where we are living for the next four and a half months and ended with an Aussie Spit Roast Dinner on the deck of the administration building. It was nice not to have to cook and I once again met some more people in which to be friends with.

Feb. 20th:

The OzParty Boat Cruise was my favorite night of O’Week. We took a bus into Sydney, boarded our cruise ship, ate a nice dinner, had some drinks at the cash bar, danced, and enjoyed the Sydney harbor views. The dance competitions that randomly commenced were hilarious and overall I had an absolute blast. It was quite the night to remember.

Feb 21st:

The beach barbeque that followed the OzParty Boat Cruise was perfect. We spent some time on Bondi beach, walked from Bondi beach to Bronte beach (my favorite beach thus far), enjoyed all the beautiful views from Bondi to Bronte, and then barbequed some sausages at Bronte. I was excited to find a pool right on Bronte beach in which I spent the majority of my time watching the waves crash into the walls of the pool and sometimes even over the walls into the pool! I was definitely sad to hear that the buses had arrived to take us home at 4:00PM. I didn’t want to leave!


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