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Paddy’s Market

This past school week was full of lots of homework and very little play. I had papers to do, chapters to read, and presentations to prepare for.  The highlight of my week was going to the Mac Centre (the nearby shopping mall) to get sushi with one of my roommates, Annikki. Other than that, I’ve been Miss StudyStudyStudy.

I was happy to know that Friday would kick off the long weekend with Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off. On Good Friday a few friends and I took a train to Central Station and went to Paddy’s Market, an incredible market in Sydney that has EVERYTHING from food to clothing to automobile parts. I entered the Haymarket entrance and was immediately overwhelmed with all the stands of goods to purchase. So many colors and textures surrounded me and I didn’t know where to even begin. My friends and I were all over the place hopping from one store to the other. There was way too many things to look at and buy! Surprisingly, I only bought one sweatshirt  out of everything that I easily could have. The sweatshirt is a light coral pink one that says “Bondi Australia.” I couldn’t refuse it when I found out it was only $12, and I regret not packing more than one sweatshirt for the nighttime, so it was perfect!

After Paddy’s Market, my friends and I went to a pub nearby to get something to eat and drink. I settled on steak, fries, and a hard apple cidar. The meal was only $10 with the purchase of a bar drink, which was a nice change from the $20+ meals that I’m used to out and about in the city. It was a fun day.


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