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A Little Taste of Heaven

In Costa Rica there are two seasons. December through April is considered summer and for the rest of the year is the season of rain. Since I arrived here in February, I wanted to travel as much as I could around Costa Rica before the rainy season drowns me! And where do you think I went?

I hope you guessed it– the beach!

Sometimes I struggle with remembering that I am here to study, because my weekends are pure paradise. We asked some Ticos [Costa Ricans] where the best beaches were, and from there we took buses each weekend to the beautiful playas.

For saving money, we stayed in cheap hostels along the coasts and would make PB&J’s for lunches. A lot of people on the coast speak English, so it wasn’t too hard or confusing to travel.

One beach I traveled to was Manuel Antonio National Park; it was the first beach destination to become popular in Costa Rica, and its beaches are idyllic.

I also went to Punta Uva & Puerto Viejo– these beaches serve up true Caribbean splendor, with turquoise waters, coral reefs, and palm-lined stretches of nearly deserted white-sand beaches.

Honestly, is this my life??? I spend my weekends meeting random people all around the world, cracking open coconuts, and swinging in my hammock on the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

Yes, don’t get me wrong, I have to write papers and learn Spanish– but I am sure living the “Pura Vida.”

Ok I will now let the photos do the talking…


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