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Easter Break in THAILAND!!! Part 2

The next morning our journey began!! We picked up three more people, a girl and boy dating from Germany and another girl from Holland -they met on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai!  I got the privilege to sit in the front with the driver and our guide! It was an experience, they are both very very nice! Our guide even gave me butter cake! (Packaged of course)

Here we all are in the  truck before we picked up the other three.


We all hopped in this open backed truck for about an hour to the police station to give them a copy of our passports so if we lose them they have a copy for us to continue our journey. Then we hopped back in for another hour to the market to buy water and anything else needed.

Pictures from the market…there was some type of parade going on so we tried to hop in front for a quick pic!


Mangos are delicious in Thailand!

dsc01345 dsc01346

Then got back in and traveled another half hour to the waterfall to swim-so hot here!!! The waterfall was beautiful but kinda small-nice to cool off in and stretch our bodies!

dsc01351 dsc01354

After swimming we got back in the truck for another 30 minutes and had lunch on the side of the road. This was great food. I love all the fruit!! We had fried rice and fruit. Below are pictures of the place we ate at.

After lunch our guide See brought out a bag of fried bugs. This was so gross!!! I saw one before they were cooked and there were little bugs crawling on the dead, bigger one! EEWWWWWW!!! Anyways he was offering the fried bugs to us, but I denied this opportunity.


Here is a picture of two of the Germans trying them!


Then once again got back in the truck for another 30 minutes to the beginning of the trek.

We FINALLY  began hiking for 2.5 hours. The hike was intense but we took breaks and our guide See told us about the jungle on our way.

At the beginning of our hike this is what resided infront of us… hahaaa only for it to become normal!


See asked if anyone wanted a walking stick, nobody said anything so I asked if he was going to make it and he said yes! So how could I turn down a bamboo walking stick that would be made infront of my eyes with a machette? That’s exactly why I didn’t turn it down! Here I am with my brand new and much needed bamboo walking stick! Don’t forget to check out See in the background hacking away at the bamboo with his machette!!!


Throughout our trek See would point out and let us try all the edible fruit. Whenever we asked what it tasted like he would say “sour!” It become a running joke with all of us :)

Two sexy ladies 😉

dsc01366 dsc01372

Taking a much needed break!


In the picture below – Our guide See grabbed a leaf off of a tree, snapped the stem and started blowing bubbles from it! I was amazed and wanted to do it! All of us were so confused on how he did this… in other words we were unable to blow bubbles from the leaf’s stem.


A little further on our trek See saw this huge ants nest hanging from the tree. Naturally he took his machette and cut it down and threw it into the pond for the fish to eat! This was very resourceful! Although, the gross part is that some of the ants were on See’s hand so he ate them!!! I was so disgusted!!! I asked what it tasted like… he said sour 😉


First look at the village as we hiked around the corner!


That night we arrived at our accommodation and it was surprisingly very nice!!!

The village even had pigs!! They were so cute… just so sad to actually think this big guy is going to bea eaten soon…

We all showered with a bucket and water, very interesting! Brittany and I did it in the dark so we really bonded as one of us had to wear my head lamp while the other showered! I also officially started using squat toilets/squatters. What an experience, especially when going number 2!

After an amazingly delicious dinner we had a campfire and went to sleep. At the campfire we bonded over one of the German girls playing guitar and all singing american songs, the common language was the factor why. I slept so well, it was cold at this accommodation so we  all bundled up with multiple blankets.

img_1543 img_1541

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