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Easter Break in THAILAND!!! Part 3

Day 2-3 on trek


We woke up early from the roosters! We had a great breakfast, fresh scrambled eggs and toast. Then we began our 4 hour trek to our next accommodation. This trek was a trek!!! It was so so hot while going up and down, up and down the mountains! We hiked through dry rice fields and mostly through the forest. We saw cows quite frequently on our way as well.

Britt and Dave- this trek was about 5x harder and hotter than any I did with you, just to put it in perspective!

Finally we arrived at our accommodation!!! This is where I am now, journaling my adventures! This village is much much hotter than the last! I’m dripping sweat. Instantly when we arrived we jumped into the river!! I got a electrocuting sensation on my food from something i stepped on in the river so I was done with the water after a bit!!

Now we are done with trekking for the trip! :) hardest work done! In about 30 minutes the elephants will be arriving!!!!! I am so so excited!!!! Then tomorrow we will be riding on bamboo rafts to end our journey! I am so glad that I did this trip, best 200 dollars I have ever spent!!!

ELEPHANTS!!! I got to ride an elephant!!! This was so so cool I loved it! Britt and I shared an elephant. It was a rocky ride, but so fun! I even got to sit on the elephants neck! Their skin is so tough and their hair is very thick and pointy/scratchy!!! My legs got irritated from their neck hairs :/ I think it’s safe to say that elephants are amazing! Just like everything I have experienced since I have left the United States… Just cuz it’s new and different, nothing against my beloved U.S.

After the elephant rides we came back to the village and a woman and a couple children were selling bracelets, earrings and other accessories. I bought two really cute metal – possibly recycled silver of some sort- bracelets. These were a couple bucks but I thought I would “splurge” and support.

dsc01447 dsc01456

In the villages the residents sell us cold water, coke and Chiang beer for cheap! It’s great!


After making my purchases the girls from Norway and I helped See cook dinner! This was so fun I enjoyed it a lot! I got to learn how our food was made and the yummy ingredients! See already prepared the food we just helped cook and season it! So we used coconut milk, chili powder and green curry to season the boiled potatoes, num!!! This was so so good!!! We ate this and cooked green beans with tofu with delicious rice! Num!! Then we also made spring rolls. These are not the type if spring rolls that you would typically think of though. They had the same outside and are fried but the inside is filled with banana!!!!! These are to die for!!!! Love love love them !!!!! Totally bringing this entire meal  home!

After our delicious dinner we hanged out by the campfire and sang songs again. This time one of the local villagers played a little for us!


See and I wearing our headlamps!


My night sleep was not full of sleep. It was very cold and the animals are raging at night! Britt and I had to cuddle to keep warm 😉  how cute right!!!


Now the people!!!

Britt and I are doing great, bonding more than ever :)


Everyone else is so friendly :) meeting people from all over the world and backpacking with them is an amazing experience! I don’t even know how to describe or what to say. It’s just a feeling or experience I guess.


Our guide is great! He is so funny and cooks great food! I think I like him because he is a great hiking guide he takes breaks when needed and takes them for a perfect amount of time!

We don’t converse or “hang out” with the villagers. They more so do their thing as we do ours. The language barrier is one of the major factors in this.

Love eating candy, it’s called beng-beng!!! Num!!!


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