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Bienvenidos a Lima.

I have been in Peru for exactly one week.  I arrived with my family on July 29 and we traveled to Nazca to see the amazing Nazca Lines.  Although I felt awful on the tiny plane from which we saw the Lines, I was still able to appreciate and wonder at them… and hopefully I get a few good pictures…

After almost one week together, everyone here in Lima is still getting to know one another.  There are 12 of us on the program, so I imagine we will all become quite close.  My host family is really just one woman, my Peruvian mama.  She has 2 grown children and a little grandson who I am excited to meet.  My host mom is very sweet and accommodating.  Last night, we went grocery shopping to buy the foods I wanted– lo que te antoja— as she says.

Tomorrow, we make the big journey to La Catolica, where we will be studying.  It’s about an hour from my house on the combi… which is very far compared to a 2 minute walk across campus.  One of the many things I will have to get used to as I adapt to life here in Lima.  The combis, the slang, the neighbor’s many birds which chirp outside my window at 5am, the constantly grey skies are all things I am learned to live with.  I also need to buy some sweaters and slippers!  60 seems warm… but it really isn’t.  And there isn’t heat anywhere!!

So far, we haven’t gotten to see too much of Lima… so I will add video and photographs as I take them.  Ciao!


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