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Easter Break in THAILAND!!! Part 4

As I lay here awake in my bed with a mosquito net around me I can’t wait for the day to begin! Yesterday I watched the locals build our bamboo rafts that we will be traveling on for multiple hours today!!!! Crazy right?!? I think so!! Time to use the squatter, write more tonight!!


After hard boiled eggs and toast we headed down to the river. Our bamboo rafts were awaiting us! So we hopped on the rafts and began our 4 hour journey down the river on the rafts. There was six people on my raft and 5 people on the other. To steer the boat three people (the guide and two people from the trekking group) used long bamboo sticks to push away from rocks and things as well as push us forward. The current was pretty strong which was very nice on the long journey. For the first couple hours it was really fun and exciting. The next two hours were very hot and tiring because we were in the sun the entire time. We were all about ready to be done with the rafts at this point. Plus our raft kept breaking! So our guide See had to continuously fix it!

Half way through our journey we took a break at a village to use the squatter and such. Here I met 2 guys  (who are also doing the trek with another guide) that graduated a couple years ago from my university, Bethel who still live near me in Hopkins Minnesota!!!! So crazy right!!!! I’m half way around the world and here I am meeting people from basically my home town!! They gave me some tips about Bangkok too which was nice. They told me to make sure taxi drivers put the meter on and if they say they are taking you anywhere else besides your destination get out immediately!!! The taxi drivers like to bring tourists to the temples and shopping centers so they get gas coupons and you have to pay more! Not a good idea!!!

Anyways, a couple hours later we arrived at our final destination. We ate Pad Thai which was not that good, but delicious because we haven’t ate in so long!

Then we hopped back in the open back truck for 2.5 hours back to our hotel that we started at. During this ride back i fell asleep on See’s shoulder!!! Whoops! Everyone was making fun of me later that day, ha it is kinda halarious though! Here’s a sneak photo they took!


Here is a picture of our driver, me and See! We got to know one another pretty well considering our language barrier!!


This time Britt and I are in this really really nice room. We are sharing a queen bed, have a bathroom with a tub a dining table and a kitchenette!!!! So big and nice!!! I hopped in the shower so fast and did I ever take my time!! It felt so good to shower in a clean area :)

After showering the girls from Germany and Britt and I met and gave our laundry to the front desk at the hotel. They express washed, dried and folded our clothes for 60 baht a kilo! That’s two dollars a kilo. This is less expensive than what I pay in Australia so I said yes to washing my smelly trek clothes!!!! Well worth it! They smell great!!!

After dropping off our clothing Britt and I got traditional Thai messages for an hour!!! They felt so so so good!!! They use their entire body to work out your tight  muscles. This was seriously the most perfect follow up after the trek! Can’t say enough, it felt so good!

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After our Thai messages we met back up with the ladies from Germany at a pizzeria! We all wanted a little break from Thai food so pizza it was!!! And was it ever delicious thin crust pizza! While having supper we realized that not only are we on the same flight back to Bangkok together, but we are all traveling to the same hostel in Bangkok!!!! How crazy right?!?  Mom, I think your prayers worked cuz were traveling in a group now!! Lol plus, we are meeting up with one of the girls from Norway in Bangkok as well!!! :) meeting new people and becoming travel buddies is the best! The trek was amazing, best thing I’ve ever done and to put on top of it new travel buddies!!! It’s simply AMAZING!!!

After dinner the Germans went back to the hotel while Britt and I went shopping in the night market. This was cool to experience because I learned how to bargain well and that each shop has the same thing more or less as you continue walking. Here I bought a small canvas painting, a swim suit, a Chiang beer tank top, and a pair of funky pants!! It was great fun! We even stopped at a stand on the street that was making crepes! We both got a really cheap Nutella and banana crepe, yummy!!!


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