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Back from Budapest!

Just returned from a very educational trip. went to lots of museums and learned a lot from my lovely friend/tour guide Daniel!


ALSO had amazzzzzing food!

There are these things called Langos… Sweet Baby Jesus they are delicious!!! Its basically a big flat piece of friend dough with… well. anything you can think of on Gods green earth to put on it. We had…. brace yourself… ┬áparmesan cheese, tomato, cucumber, feta, ham, pepperoni, onion, and some delicious sauce i was going to ask what it was but i was too busy craming the langos into my face.

Also had some really great mexican food which was bizarre… and i learned ONE word in Hungarian… torta… it means cake. i think you can put together my eating habits.


:) Galway for St.Paddys day next week whoo!!



Haiku for the day:


Langos Langos Yum,

Oh Nutella Crepes also

Budapest Thank You


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